At LAB SERIES, we believe every man is made differently – from the skin you are born with to
the lifestyle you build for yourself. It's written on your face, and your skin is what tells that story.
That's why we exist, to improve the look and feel of skin because when your skin is at its best,
you can feel free to be just who you want to be.

Lab Series launched in 1987 with a LAB dedicated exclusively to understanding men's physiology and unique
skin needs. With over 30 years of research and development, LAB SERIES has created high-performance
solutions with technology and active ingredients to work with men's skin. Science is the cornerstone
of LAB SERIES today; continuous research and development, designed for men and tested on men to
improve the look and feel of skin.



LAB SERIES introduces new packaging with six dedicated product series for men's
skin concerns: Daily Rescue, All-In-One, Oil Control, Anti-Age MAX LS, Grooming, and Instant Fix.

Our new packaging has been developed with the environment in mind by embedding
important cues to make it more sustainable. Specific colors for each series were selected to design for recyclability
and to incorporate post-consumer recycled content.

LAB SERIES believes protecting the environment is as important as taking care of
men’s skin and is striving to reach new sustainability measures to do its part in preserving the environment we all share.



- More than half of our packaging by weight is Recyclable, Refillable, Reusable, Recycled, or Recoverable
with a goal to reach at least 75% by 2025. More than half of our new packaging will contain a minimum of 20% recycled content

- Cartons are recyclable and made using responsibly sourced, FSC-certified paperboard

- As a brand-first, LAB SERIES has introduced refillable cartridges for MAX LS Serum & Lotion. Using the available refills
for these products and reusing the bottle's pump helps contribute to the reduction of plastic waste by at least 20%*

*based on the usage of a minimum of two refills